mood board: February vibez.

Hey Guys,

Theres a couple of things Ive really been feeling as of late and I wanted to show you in the form of mood boards. From cool nail art to inspiring books, theres a little bit of everything in this months February vibez…

  1. Piercings – more specifically, multiple ear piercings.

Ive been meaning to get some new piercings for the past two months now, so I did my research on the two P’s: prices and pain level. I kind of put it on the back burner since then, but finding all these unique earring options, has reignited my desire – so expect to see an instagram post from me very soon.

2. Books.

Theres nothing more refreshing than learning something new, and as I wait to start school, a good book will just have to do. Ive been researching books based on strengthening your mental state of mind. So anything that helps you stay focused and stay inspired will be looked at. If any of you have any suggestions, please let me know!

3. Nail inspo.

Ugh probably my favourite thing on this months mood board, nail inspiration. I kinda went through a 2 year phase where I just wanted my own nails painted, no acrylics, no gel, just simply polish. It was great! Lol, my nails grew and they were healthy but they were bit boring. So I started using fake nails again last month, and its been fun having really long nails. The funny thing about this time around is the fact that my own nails have grown so long, that I actually dont need to wear the fakes anymore. I cant lie, Im really excited about that, as acrylics or gel nails can get very annoying at times. But inbetween nail appointments, I stay inspired by the various instagram nail pages I follow. I follow a lot of really talented people, a lot of them outside of Canada – two of them in Japan, I believe. Their pages always have me super excited about the future of nails, its just tough finding nail technicians where I live, who are brave and talented enough to try something new and fresh. Here are a couple of the insta pages I follow, for some futuristic nail inspo. —-> nailnail_unistella| sohotrightnail|teananails|bakenekonails.

4. Interior decorating

Ive been indulging in a lot of home DIY vids on youtube as of late. Im about to change up a few things in my house and wanted some ideas of how I could do that and not spend a lot. Gathering ideas from places like Pinterest or Instagram is a good start too if you’re looking to redecorate. Ive been really feeling textured headboard’s like the long black one in the above picture. And I think I’ve found a store in my city that might sell something like that so I’m excited to check it out. If you’re looking for some great interior deco ideas on the go, follow the instagram page: inspire_me_home_decor. Thank me later.

5. Dramatic make up.

For the past year and a half Ive really become obsessed with make up. I think its just really another outlet that allows me to be super creative and its a lot of fun discovering new techniques and new products. After watching countless youtube tutorials (heres a really talented mua you could learn a thing or two from), Im confident I have the basics down pack. So now, my fun comes from learning how to do really intricate looks. I get a lot of my inspiration from different places, like twitter, Instagram and youtube. But theres this one IG page that is my favourite, they’re always spewing out the best, fashion forward images – at least imo. That page is vladmua. I believe its a female make up artist based in LA, her posts are amazing. Be sure to check that out, maybe you too can get inspired to live a little a on the edge, through your make up that is.

Hope you enjoyed this months vibez! Have a great Sunday.




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