b.a.d: Black Appreciation Day

Ive always been a sucker for an all black outfit. Its really been my go to option when putting outfits together as of late. Black is such a strong shade in itself, that when you wear an all black outfit, you really command a room. There aren’t too many colours/shades that you can wear all at once that will give you the same respect that black will give you. From the business man wearing the all black three piece suite, to the woman wearing the all black outfit and jacket, regardless of sex, you will look strong and sexy in this shade. Ive gathered some of my favourite looks, some mine, to demonstrate how you can pair different pieces of black to create the best outfits…


Above I paired a black, sheer, zip-up dress (which I actually wore backwards), with a black bra, black leggings, and black open toes shoes. I also wore black lipstick for that extra dark look, but that is obviously is optional for your own looks. I was going for an extra vampy look that night haha. Wearing a sheer garmet can get tricky. If its a top, you want to make sure you balance it out with either a black skirt, jeans or leggings. Black sheer can almost look like lingerie if not done right, so you want to make sure if you’re wearing a black skirt, you’re wearing some version of a thigh high boot. This will allow your skin to peek through your outfit but still add some mystery as well.


With outfits like the one above, you want to make sure theres symmetry. What I mean by that is, if you’re going to wear a crop top with a skirt, you want to make sure you are wearing a booty. The skin you show off in the middle of your body, should be compensated by the boots you wear. This will help make your look sexy, but not overtly.


Above you have the typical shirt and skirt combo, very simple and to the point. Another one of my dressing essentials is simplicity. I used to be a huge earring and ring lover, but Ive honestly gave all that up. Simplicity is my go to theme, and Ill probably make a post about simplicity later on. But back to the outfit, I’ll usually pair an outfit like this with just a watch and a bracelet or a watch and studs. The key thing with this all black look is: less is more.


Ohh my favourite, the LBD (little black dress). I think this goes without saying but whenever you need a last resort, you can always rely on your LBD. You can pair that with almost any shoe, but my fave would be the open toe – to give it that extra sultriness.

Above are probably some of my faves, only because they involve my black coat. I think a black coat will always elevate your outfit, give it that extra oomph. The look to the left is same as the look I posted above just with a coat, and the look to the right is one of a midi skirt, deep v top, and black booties. I love the look to the left cause its super classy but still fun, the deep v adds some excitement to such a classy look. Funny thing about that top is that its actually backwards, sometimes you need to improvise and make your own top!

Now here are some other all noir outfits I found on the web, hopefully you can find some inspiration from these as well.




Street style







Hope you enjoyed Black Appreciation Day! See you next time.




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