Dear body, I love you.


Lets talk about weight. Yes, that uncomfortable word that women unquestionably talk and think about more than we’d like too. I know I think about my weight at least once a day..

Ive always been a smaller girl, all throughout high school, I was skinny with bigger boobs, and a little butt. I was always called “cute”…. lol like any high school girl wants to be called cute. Its like when you’re a teen and in high school, and skinny, all you want to be called is like sexy or whatever term that ages you, then you grow up and finally put on weight and all you can do is reminisce on your skinny days. Lol life is so funny.

I honestly only started putting on weight like two years ago. I started noticing it around summer 2015, but didn’t really think much of it cause my weight always fluctuated. But when the weight stayed, I didn’t know how to feel. On certain days, I loved it, I felt more like a woman with more curves (I actually was asked not too long ago if I got my boobs done, lol I laughed cause it was flattering, but no I didn’t. Honestly, If i had an extra 10k laying around, I would travel more, not get my tits done), but anyway, I loved how clothes fit on me. I loved this new found zee. But, on other days, I hated it. All of it.

Im proud to say that the overall feeling I have towards my body now, is a positive one. I love the skin I’m in, it definitely took time, and of course there are things that I would like to change, but who doesn’t feel like that? There are people who get plastic surgery and never stop editing their body due to their unhappiness. Is that life? No, and obviously the issue that people like that have isn’t on their body, but in their brain. I think the most important thing to remember is that we will never be perfect but if we accept who we are and the beauty that each of us possesses, you can truly find happiness with your body.

When it comes to food, Ive always eaten pretty good, not too much junk food, I don’t drink pop (think the last time I had a soft drink was 3 years ago), but I do have my weaknesses. I love a good cake, brownie or anything soft and sweet. But I am trying to be more disciplined in my intake of items, Im trying to incorporate more veggies in all my meals, definitely more fruit, but that isn’t too hard because I love fruit. Im actually about to do a vegan cleanse really soon, which I’m excited about. The thing about cleanses is they do help in shedding pounds, but if you want to keep the pounds off, you do need to change your whole lifestyle – and that requires a whole lot of discipline.

I think the key thing to a healthy perspective on your body, is being happy with what you put in it. If you’re selective with what you eat, you will be happy with your body. But, being selective requires knowledge of what the good and bad things are. Google is your friend guys, go out there and search, search, search!

But, all in all, the most important thing is to love the skin you’re in regardless of what it looks like. I know this is easier said than done, but I can’t stress enough how imperative it is that you love your rolls, or your butt, or your skinny legs – like whatever body you live in, love all of it. I think the world we live in is constantly trying to shove the ideal standard of what a woman should look like down our throats, so it is hard to feel good with what you have when it doesn’t necessarily look like the standard. But rest assured, you are beautiful. Every inch of you, I promise.

Stay positive. Love,






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