2017: The end of an era.

Barack Obama, Michelle Obama

The inauguration of Donald Trump was this morning, and I feel terribly compelled to blog about it and also the drastic change that I’ve witnessed around the world.

I knew watching the news last night, that today was going to be a tough one. The change of power between any two presidential administrations is always an emotional one, but today felt differentThe exchange of power between the immensely classy, and uplifting, Barack Obama and the embarrassing Trump, was a tough one to watch. The Obama’s felt like home to a lot of us. They felt like that family, particularly those parents that always had open arms for you. No matter what you did, how bad you’ve done, they always loved you. That’s the kind of warmth, they displayed. I know that warmth, I’m very familiar with it because that is the same warmth my mother exhibits to her children and everyone in her life. Its an ability that not everyone has – the ability to do the right thing regardless of what has happened.

And that exact ability is something that is becoming non-existent in the world we now live in. People who don’t have class, integrity, dignity, respect for others, warmth and kindness are now the popular, new kids on the block. And this is something that I’ve began to see not too long ago, this new trend is everywhere. I mean look at what is popular these days. Ratchet reality shows, where the bigger the fight, the better the ratings. The more degrading the music and videos, the more money you make. And I know this isn’t something that is new, but now it is on the forefront. I don’t know how many times a day I see half-naked women on Instagram, parading around for likes or for the biggest rap star to sneak into her DM’s. Its sad. Like I always think to myself, this level of attention seeking is insane. But that is the new normal. Women like that and the men that love them are always popularized.

Even if you look at the music now, if you’re like me and have a total fondness for classic hip hop and rnb, then you’ll definitely notice the change. Everything is watered down, artists aren’t even considered artists to me these days, because true art cannot be filtered, and many of the top 40 tunes are exactly that. When you look at the themes of what most singers/rappers are talking about now, it’s usually about sex, getting money, not trusting people, and living a fast life. And I get it, this is the life that most of these singers/rappers lead, but what is alarming, is that its a direct reflection of our times. People want fast money, no ones wants build their portfolio of quality items, they just want MONEY NOW. Quality has completely gone out of the window and quantity has certainly replaced it. That’s why most of the music I listen to, is from the 90’s – early 2000’s (mostly rnb), because the feeling it gives me, is one of hope. Hope that true love is out there, as opposed to the music that is out now, where that feeling is replaced with a feeling of hopelessness. It doesn’t make you feel good. Remember that feeling I spoke about earlier? The one that the Obama’s and my mom gave me? Yeah, that. Its gone.

In a fantasy world, I would love to see reality shows based on women finishing school, getting diplomas, being successful without having to devalue themselves. I would love to see the art of men being faithful to one woman being popularized. In a perfect world, being a class act would be popular again. Instead of getting naked being the cool, “it” thing to do. Now, please don’t confuse my dislike for the popularization of half-naked women, for me “slut-shaming” women or being a hater, because it is not that. I believe as a woman, even as a person, you have the choice to do whatever the hell you want with your life. I am merely stating my disgust with how THAT choice of life has become the more sought-after choice. Do you really think that if we lived in a world where all of these things were deemed unacceptable, we would see them as much as we do? No, we wouldn’t. But because it’s everywhere, more and more women are seriously choosing that career path. Its sad.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is for the women out there who kept their clothes on, who studied, or are studying, or are working that 9-5 job, or the men who are working their ass off to take care of their families without having to sell their souls, or the parents who never gave up on their children, and the single parents who are working their tail off to take care of their families, or just the people who still have class, and grace, I say to you: keep going. Keep pushing, all hope isn’t lost, there are still people out here who believe in the greater good, they’re just not easily seen.

Regardless, stay the course, stay strong, and remain positive. But most of all, if you lead with class and dignity, believe me – everything will be alright.

with love,



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