December Rain – A published shoot styled by Yours Truly!

There aren’t many things that have me this elated these days. Getting word that you can finally post the photos you styled awhile back, is definitely one way to do it. Back in July, a friend of mine Kaja Tirrul, who happens to be a fulltime photographer, contacted me regarding a photo shoot idea that she had, and wanted my help to bring it to fruition. Of course I didn’t hesitate, and we made plans right away. The day we shot was a day were definitely never going to forget. It poured like crazy but still we maintained our drive to eventually get some amazingly beautiful shots! Take a look at some of the behind the scenes shots!

Before leaving for the beach, which is where we shot, I took a couple of photos of the outfits for a reminder and some make up pics that the talented Taryn Miller was able to create!




 The beautiful model Victoria Lauren! Love her eyes!!


This is me trying to get the next outfits together in time for the next outfit change! Ahh, rain! smh.



 As you can see, It was already starting to pour in the below pic..



 Here I am doubling as Kaja’s assistant.


 If you’re not a perfectionist, you’re not a stylist!


 Werrk Victoria!!



 This is us in the car after the shoot, soaked and loving every minute of it.


 Ouu baby..


Once we finally got the photos back, it was like seeing a dream come true. Everthing look flawless, Kaja really is great at what she does and I’m so happy she decided to include me in this project. Lets take a look at the final product.









She looks phenomenal in every single shot! And what is even more phenomenal is seeing my name on the official site of which is home of the great California Magazine ‘The Like Magazine”. This is a first for me, so I’m very excited, but more importantly I can’t wait for more moments like this!

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 8.00.21 PM

Just goes to show, keep working hard and anything you want, will eventually come to fruition!

Stay hungry, and keep working hard guys! xx

love, zee.


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