Queen: a woman or thing regarded as excellent or outstanding of its kind.

I’ve been feeling extra regal lately. Although us women should feel like Queens everyday, the reality is we do have days when we feel like peasants lol. But when I do feel the most strongest, I like to show that off by wearing a strong color, or in this case, a strong shade.



I bought this skirt on an impromptu shopping trip to Urban Outfitters. The minute I saw it, I knew I had to have it.  It just felt über sultry and fun once I tried it on. Not to mention, the two slits and its eery similarity to the skirt Aaliyah wore in her ‘Are You That Somebody‘ video. I love that womans style, it was so timeless.


My top is a simple, long-sleeved, button up shirt that I just tied up. One of my many purchases over at Joe Fresh.

Shoes from Forever 21. Song of the day: Quandron – Its Gonna Get You.

Have a beautiful day yall!

xo, zee.


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