Tangled in Tangerine

The first day of spring has come and gone. I don’t know about other places, but where I live it still feels like winter. So I’m super anxious for summer to finally come around, the warm weather always means lighter clothes, and warmer colours.




Kinda like this tangerine coloured crop top I bought from a little gem in Toronto called ‘Black Market‘. I mentioned this store in my Grey Matter post a while back. I think it was around $4, and I cut the bottom myself. I grabbed a pair of scissors, threw it into the wash and voila! I love this top, its fun and flirty and goes with practically anything.




Jennifer shot these pictures at an art gallery, and I remember loving this one particular painting. The contrast between the orange and the gold and dark shades, is really dope.


_DSC0643 copy

This was the last outfit change we shot, and I cannot wait to shoot with her again. The summer allows so much more freedom and choices in terms of  location and wardrobe, so its exciting to think of what were going to come up with next.



Hoping everyone has an amazing weekend!!

xo, zee.


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