Wearing The Clouds

There is something about leggings that will always have my attention. They’re my go-to option when I’m looking for comfort. I bought these gray and white leggings at a ZARA sale about two years ago, and they’re probably my favorite pair. They’re so versatile, they could be worn with a cute little tank top like the one I’m wearing, or with a hoodie on those lazier days.


_DSC0498I remember the exact day we received these leggings, everyone at ZARA went crazy for them! My old manager bought a pair as well and rocks hers in different ways too. The thickness of the fabric allows the leggings to come off almost like a denim, but the spandex allows breathability just like a normal legging. It’s honestly best of both worlds. Such a good buy.


_DSC0497This black tank top is actually part of my mother’s old collection of clothing she doesn’t wear anymore. She bought it in a little shop in Montreal about a decade a ago. To be able to play around with her old clothes is always super fun.


_DSC0502My Lip color is ‘New York Kiss’ in Deep Plum, boots from Forever 21, and the beautiful multi layered necklace I’m wearing is part of my sisters collection on her site, Empressence.com! I did a post on the jewelry line she’s selling on my other blog, you could find that here!


Hope the rest of your week is amazing!

xo, zee.



  1. David S. · January 29, 2013

    Dear Zee,

    You never cease to amaze me. You are fashion. You are the future.

    Forever reppin’,
    D. Waves

    • zee · February 27, 2013

      wow thats huge! Cant thank you enough dave!!


  2. Karina · February 11, 2013

    I’m loving this blog, the layout and the pictures are amazingggg…. Keep up the great work lil mama.

    Karina almeida-waldrin

    • zee · February 27, 2013

      awwwww thanks so much Karina! so glad you you’re enjoying the blog! hope all is well!!


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