Grey matter

I don’t think there’s anything better than a “good buy”. I needed some baggy pants a while ago and the first place I thought of was, this store in Toronto called Black Market. It’s a huge thrift store with amazing stuff, and that’s where I found these unique pants I’m wearing, for ten bucks :D. Love the fact that I’m able to mix and match such a tough look with something more feminine like a pair of nude high heels.


What I like most about these pants, is the adjustable length. So whenever I want to wear it a bit higher, like a Capri, I can. And if I’m feeling for something more dramatic, I’ll wear it at full length.


Shoes from Aldo, Pants from Black Market, Sweater from H&M, Jewellery from Empressence.

xo, zee.



  1. Romello · November 12, 2012

    Love that outfit on you….rugged but extremely sexy as well.

    • zee · February 27, 2013

      thanks romello!!


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