Hello everyone!

Welcome to my new fashion blog, ZeeModa! It was about time I created a platform to showcase my own sense of style, which I like to think is very eclectic. For instance, one day I would wear baggy jeans, a crop top and platforms. The next day I could be caught wearing a tulip skirt with a sequined top. Very all over the place. Just like a lot of people though, what I wear varies on what mood I’m in and what I’m inspired by.

It’s definitely in my plans to update this website as frequently as possible. My personal blog, inspiredtruthh.blogspot.com has been my #1 blog for a while. I post things varying from fashion, love, relationships, self-worth and health issues. There’s something on there for everyone. But, the birth of this website is right on time. My focus is really set on fashion, so it’s a great thing to have something more concentrated on that.

One of my favorite mottos is:

“Wear the clothes, don’t let the clothes wear you”

That pretty much sums up my personal style.  It’s more about making the garment your own, almost making it look like its part of your skin. And that is what I’ll try to execute through this blog. Fashion is fun and I try to make it work for me, which I think everyone should do. So, for the love of fashion, welcome to my world!


xo, zee.


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