mood board: February vibez.

Hey Guys,

Theres a couple of things Ive really been feeling as of late and I wanted to show you in the form of mood boards. From cool nail art to inspiring books, theres a little bit of everything in this months February vibez…

  1. Piercings – more specifically, multiple ear piercings.

Ive been meaning to get some new piercings for the past two months now, so I did my research on the two P’s: prices and pain level. I kind of put it on the back burner since then, but finding all these unique earring options, has reignited my desire – so expect to see an instagram post from me very soon.

2. Books.

Theres nothing more refreshing than learning something new, and as I wait to start school, a good book will just have to do. Ive been researching books based on strengthening your mental state of mind. So anything that helps you stay focused and stay inspired will be looked at. If any of you have any suggestions, please let me know!

3. Nail inspo.

Ugh probably my favourite thing on this months mood board, nail inspiration. I kinda went through a 2 year phase where I just wanted my own nails painted, no acrylics, no gel, just simply polish. It was great! Lol, my nails grew and they were healthy but they were bit boring. So I started using fake nails again last month, and its been fun having really long nails. The funny thing about this time around is the fact that my own nails have grown so long, that I actually dont need to wear the fakes anymore. I cant lie, Im really excited about that, as acrylics or gel nails can get very annoying at times. But inbetween nail appointments, I stay inspired by the various instagram nail pages I follow. I follow a lot of really talented people, a lot of them outside of Canada – two of them in Japan, I believe. Their pages always have me super excited about the future of nails, its just tough finding nail technicians where I live, who are brave and talented enough to try something new and fresh. Here are a couple of the insta pages I follow, for some futuristic nail inspo. —-> nailnail_unistella| sohotrightnail|teananails|bakenekonails.

4. Interior decorating

Ive been indulging in a lot of home DIY vids on youtube as of late. Im about to change up a few things in my house and wanted some ideas of how I could do that and not spend a lot. Gathering ideas from places like Pinterest or Instagram is a good start too if you’re looking to redecorate. Ive been really feeling textured headboard’s like the long black one in the above picture. And I think I’ve found a store in my city that might sell something like that so I’m excited to check it out. If you’re looking for some great interior deco ideas on the go, follow the instagram page: inspire_me_home_decor. Thank me later.

5. Dramatic make up.

For the past year and a half Ive really become obsessed with make up. I think its just really another outlet that allows me to be super creative and its a lot of fun discovering new techniques and new products. After watching countless youtube tutorials (heres a really talented mua you could learn a thing or two from), Im confident I have the basics down pack. So now, my fun comes from learning how to do really intricate looks. I get a lot of my inspiration from different places, like twitter, Instagram and youtube. But theres this one IG page that is my favourite, they’re always spewing out the best, fashion forward images – at least imo. That page is vladmua. I believe its a female make up artist based in LA, her posts are amazing. Be sure to check that out, maybe you too can get inspired to live a little a on the edge, through your make up that is.

Hope you enjoyed this months vibez! Have a great Sunday.




b.a.d: Black Appreciation Day

Ive always been a sucker for an all black outfit. Its really been my go to option when putting outfits together as of late. Black is such a strong shade in itself, that when you wear an all black outfit, you really command a room. There aren’t too many colours/shades that you can wear all at once that will give you the same respect that black will give you. From the business man wearing the all black three piece suite, to the woman wearing the all black outfit and jacket, regardless of sex, you will look strong and sexy in this shade. Ive gathered some of my favourite looks, some mine, to demonstrate how you can pair different pieces of black to create the best outfits…


Above I paired a black, sheer, zip-up dress (which I actually wore backwards), with a black bra, black leggings, and black open toes shoes. I also wore black lipstick for that extra dark look, but that is obviously is optional for your own looks. I was going for an extra vampy look that night haha. Wearing a sheer garmet can get tricky. If its a top, you want to make sure you balance it out with either a black skirt, jeans or leggings. Black sheer can almost look like lingerie if not done right, so you want to make sure if you’re wearing a black skirt, you’re wearing some version of a thigh high boot. This will allow your skin to peek through your outfit but still add some mystery as well.


With outfits like the one above, you want to make sure theres symmetry. What I mean by that is, if you’re going to wear a crop top with a skirt, you want to make sure you are wearing a booty. The skin you show off in the middle of your body, should be compensated by the boots you wear. This will help make your look sexy, but not overtly.


Above you have the typical shirt and skirt combo, very simple and to the point. Another one of my dressing essentials is simplicity. I used to be a huge earring and ring lover, but Ive honestly gave all that up. Simplicity is my go to theme, and Ill probably make a post about simplicity later on. But back to the outfit, I’ll usually pair an outfit like this with just a watch and a bracelet or a watch and studs. The key thing with this all black look is: less is more.


Ohh my favourite, the LBD (little black dress). I think this goes without saying but whenever you need a last resort, you can always rely on your LBD. You can pair that with almost any shoe, but my fave would be the open toe – to give it that extra sultriness.

Above are probably some of my faves, only because they involve my black coat. I think a black coat will always elevate your outfit, give it that extra oomph. The look to the left is same as the look I posted above just with a coat, and the look to the right is one of a midi skirt, deep v top, and black booties. I love the look to the left cause its super classy but still fun, the deep v adds some excitement to such a classy look. Funny thing about that top is that its actually backwards, sometimes you need to improvise and make your own top!

Now here are some other all noir outfits I found on the web, hopefully you can find some inspiration from these as well.




Street style







Hope you enjoyed Black Appreciation Day! See you next time.



Dear body, I love you.


Lets talk about weight. Yes, that uncomfortable word that women unquestionably talk and think about more than we’d like too. I know I think about my weight at least once a day..

Ive always been a smaller girl, all throughout high school, I was skinny with bigger boobs, and a little butt. I was always called “cute”…. lol like any high school girl wants to be called cute. Its like when you’re a teen and in high school, and skinny, all you want to be called is like sexy or whatever term that ages you, then you grow up and finally put on weight and all you can do is reminisce on your skinny days. Lol life is so funny.

I honestly only started putting on weight like two years ago. I started noticing it around summer 2015, but didn’t really think much of it cause my weight always fluctuated. But when the weight stayed, I didn’t know how to feel. On certain days, I loved it, I felt more like a woman with more curves (I actually was asked not too long ago if I got my boobs done, lol I laughed cause it was flattering, but no I didn’t. Honestly, If i had an extra 10k laying around, I would travel more, not get my tits done), but anyway, I loved how clothes fit on me. I loved this new found zee. But, on other days, I hated it. All of it.

Im proud to say that the overall feeling I have towards my body now, is a positive one. I love the skin I’m in, it definitely took time, and of course there are things that I would like to change, but who doesn’t feel like that? There are people who get plastic surgery and never stop editing their body due to their unhappiness. Is that life? No, and obviously the issue that people like that have isn’t on their body, but in their brain. I think the most important thing to remember is that we will never be perfect but if we accept who we are and the beauty that each of us possesses, you can truly find happiness with your body.

When it comes to food, Ive always eaten pretty good, not too much junk food, I don’t drink pop (think the last time I had a soft drink was 3 years ago), but I do have my weaknesses. I love a good cake, brownie or anything soft and sweet. But I am trying to be more disciplined in my intake of items, Im trying to incorporate more veggies in all my meals, definitely more fruit, but that isn’t too hard because I love fruit. Im actually about to do a vegan cleanse really soon, which I’m excited about. The thing about cleanses is they do help in shedding pounds, but if you want to keep the pounds off, you do need to change your whole lifestyle – and that requires a whole lot of discipline.

I think the key thing to a healthy perspective on your body, is being happy with what you put in it. If you’re selective with what you eat, you will be happy with your body. But, being selective requires knowledge of what the good and bad things are. Google is your friend guys, go out there and search, search, search!

But, all in all, the most important thing is to love the skin you’re in regardless of what it looks like. I know this is easier said than done, but I can’t stress enough how imperative it is that you love your rolls, or your butt, or your skinny legs – like whatever body you live in, love all of it. I think the world we live in is constantly trying to shove the ideal standard of what a woman should look like down our throats, so it is hard to feel good with what you have when it doesn’t necessarily look like the standard. But rest assured, you are beautiful. Every inch of you, I promise.

Stay positive. Love,





2017: The end of an era.

Barack Obama, Michelle Obama

The inauguration of Donald Trump was this morning, and I feel terribly compelled to blog about it and also the drastic change that I’ve witnessed around the world.

I knew watching the news last night, that today was going to be a tough one. The change of power between any two presidential administrations is always an emotional one, but today felt differentThe exchange of power between the immensely classy, and uplifting, Barack Obama and the embarrassing Trump, was a tough one to watch. The Obama’s felt like home to a lot of us. They felt like that family, particularly those parents that always had open arms for you. No matter what you did, how bad you’ve done, they always loved you. That’s the kind of warmth, they displayed. I know that warmth, I’m very familiar with it because that is the same warmth my mother exhibits to her children and everyone in her life. Its an ability that not everyone has – the ability to do the right thing regardless of what has happened.

And that exact ability is something that is becoming non-existent in the world we now live in. People who don’t have class, integrity, dignity, respect for others, warmth and kindness are now the popular, new kids on the block. And this is something that I’ve began to see not too long ago, this new trend is everywhere. I mean look at what is popular these days. Ratchet reality shows, where the bigger the fight, the better the ratings. The more degrading the music and videos, the more money you make. And I know this isn’t something that is new, but now it is on the forefront. I don’t know how many times a day I see half-naked women on Instagram, parading around for likes or for the biggest rap star to sneak into her DM’s. Its sad. Like I always think to myself, this level of attention seeking is insane. But that is the new normal. Women like that and the men that love them are always popularized.

Even if you look at the music now, if you’re like me and have a total fondness for classic hip hop and rnb, then you’ll definitely notice the change. Everything is watered down, artists aren’t even considered artists to me these days, because true art cannot be filtered, and many of the top 40 tunes are exactly that. When you look at the themes of what most singers/rappers are talking about now, it’s usually about sex, getting money, not trusting people, and living a fast life. And I get it, this is the life that most of these singers/rappers lead, but what is alarming, is that its a direct reflection of our times. People want fast money, no ones wants build their portfolio of quality items, they just want MONEY NOW. Quality has completely gone out of the window and quantity has certainly replaced it. That’s why most of the music I listen to, is from the 90’s – early 2000’s (mostly rnb), because the feeling it gives me, is one of hope. Hope that true love is out there, as opposed to the music that is out now, where that feeling is replaced with a feeling of hopelessness. It doesn’t make you feel good. Remember that feeling I spoke about earlier? The one that the Obama’s and my mom gave me? Yeah, that. Its gone.

In a fantasy world, I would love to see reality shows based on women finishing school, getting diplomas, being successful without having to devalue themselves. I would love to see the art of men being faithful to one woman being popularized. In a perfect world, being a class act would be popular again. Instead of getting naked being the cool, “it” thing to do. Now, please don’t confuse my dislike for the popularization of half-naked women, for me “slut-shaming” women or being a hater, because it is not that. I believe as a woman, even as a person, you have the choice to do whatever the hell you want with your life. I am merely stating my disgust with how THAT choice of life has become the more sought-after choice. Do you really think that if we lived in a world where all of these things were deemed unacceptable, we would see them as much as we do? No, we wouldn’t. But because it’s everywhere, more and more women are seriously choosing that career path. Its sad.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is for the women out there who kept their clothes on, who studied, or are studying, or are working that 9-5 job, or the men who are working their ass off to take care of their families without having to sell their souls, or the parents who never gave up on their children, and the single parents who are working their tail off to take care of their families, or just the people who still have class, and grace, I say to you: keep going. Keep pushing, all hope isn’t lost, there are still people out here who believe in the greater good, they’re just not easily seen.

Regardless, stay the course, stay strong, and remain positive. But most of all, if you lead with class and dignity, believe me – everything will be alright.

with love,


Best of Resort: 2016

Its been a while since I last posted my favourite looks straight from the runway. I decided to revisit to gather up some of my faves. I grabbed a couple of looks from Resort 2016, which I loved, so unique in their own right. Lets take a look!

Hervé Léger

herve leger

herve leger 2




balmain 1

balmaine 2

balmaine 3

balmaine 4



Diane Von Furstenburg


Fendi – My personal fave!


Hugo Boss

hugo boss

hugo boss 2

Jason Wu – Another fave!

jason wu

jason wu 2

Roberto Cavalli

roberto cavalli

Hope you guys enjoyed these looks and hopefully can gain some last minute summer inspiration! See you soon!

Love, Zee xo

First Interview ever!! (How exciting!)

A little while ago, I did an interview for a fashion site I was extremely excited because this was the first time I was featured on a site, and to be noticed because of my styling efforts – was truly awesome!

This comes as quite of a surprise because I did the interview so long ago that I kind of forgot about it, but a great surprise nonetheless.

It just goes to show that when you follow your passion, other people take notice. This interview is awesome because it gives people a glimpse of who I am and I couldnt be anymore happier with the outcome!

Make sure to check it out and share!! Hopefully this is the first of many!

Love, zee xo

December Rain – A published shoot styled by Yours Truly!

There aren’t many things that have me this elated these days. Getting word that you can finally post the photos you styled awhile back, is definitely one way to do it. Back in July, a friend of mine Kaja Tirrul, who happens to be a fulltime photographer, contacted me regarding a photo shoot idea that she had, and wanted my help to bring it to fruition. Of course I didn’t hesitate, and we made plans right away. The day we shot was a day were definitely never going to forget. It poured like crazy but still we maintained our drive to eventually get some amazingly beautiful shots! Take a look at some of the behind the scenes shots!

Before leaving for the beach, which is where we shot, I took a couple of photos of the outfits for a reminder and some make up pics that the talented Taryn Miller was able to create!




 The beautiful model Victoria Lauren! Love her eyes!!


This is me trying to get the next outfits together in time for the next outfit change! Ahh, rain! smh.



 As you can see, It was already starting to pour in the below pic..



 Here I am doubling as Kaja’s assistant.


 If you’re not a perfectionist, you’re not a stylist!


 Werrk Victoria!!



 This is us in the car after the shoot, soaked and loving every minute of it.


 Ouu baby..


Once we finally got the photos back, it was like seeing a dream come true. Everthing look flawless, Kaja really is great at what she does and I’m so happy she decided to include me in this project. Lets take a look at the final product.









She looks phenomenal in every single shot! And what is even more phenomenal is seeing my name on the official site of which is home of the great California Magazine ‘The Like Magazine”. This is a first for me, so I’m very excited, but more importantly I can’t wait for more moments like this!

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 8.00.21 PM

Just goes to show, keep working hard and anything you want, will eventually come to fruition!

Stay hungry, and keep working hard guys! xx

love, zee.